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Tree is Back

Tree Reading Series returns in January 2019 as a monthly event. Each evening will include a workshop, an open mic, and two featured readers. Check out the schedule and mark your lendars! For more information on the changes to Tree and what’s in store for 2019, see our latest Tree Renews announcement.

About Tree...

Running since 1980, Tree is one of nada's longest-running literary events, and an essential part of Ottawa's vibrant literary community.


Tree takes place...

... at Happy Goat Coffee, 35 Laurel St, 1 block northwest of Gladstone & Preston.
... on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
... free of charge. A hat is passed for donations.
... with lots of free parking and easy access to #11 and #14 busses.
Tuesday, June 25

Deborah-Anne Tunney + Victoria Gravesande + Jackson Hunter

Deborah-Anne Tunney

Diana Brebner Award recipient and author of The View from the Lane
Deborah-Anne Tunney’s book of short stories, The View from the Lane, was published by Great Plains Publitions. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in Missouri Review, Fiddlehead, Grain, Narrative among other literary journals, in nada, the U.S. and U.K. She was the recipient of the 2018 Diana Brebner award. Her novel, Winter Willow, is forthcoming. She has lled Ottawa her home all her life.
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Jackson Hunter

A recent graduate from nterbury High School's literary arts program shares work
Jackson Hunter is an eighteen-year-old writer who grew up in Ottawa and just recently graduated from nterbury High School's four-year literary arts programme. He enjoys theatre, but poetry is where he finds the most joy. Next year, he will be attending Queens' Bachelor of Health Sciences where he hopes he'll still be able to balance science and creativity.
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Victoria Gravesande

Upcoming talent Victoria Gravesande has always been inspired by literature and writing
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